When discussing career opportunities, parents often overlook a fast-growing casino market as college students prepare for the real world. For avid readers and talented designers, it’s easy to see why there are a variety of opportunities for long-term employment available in the casino gaming industry. Here are three interesting career fields.

Crypto Casinos

Access Careers in the Casino Industry 1 - Access Careers in the Casino Industry

The expansive relationship between online gambling and cryptocurrency is creating a market for crypto professionals who are well-versed in the dynamics of both industries. Initially, gamblers didn’t understand the new technology. Now that more users are buying digital currency, casinos are incorporating different coins into operations.

In fact, experts predict that cryptocurrency casinos may outnumber traditional casinos by 2025, changing the industry forever. Smart, internet-savvy youth may benefit from reading about the online gaming market, which is expected to reach nearly 100 billion in value before the end of the decade.

Casino VR

Access Careers in the Casino Industry 2 - Access Careers in the Casino Industry

Fundamental reading skills are essential for succeeding in casino markets, like virtual reality (VR). 45 million VR sets are currently in use, bringing in $4 billion in revenue. It is expected that these numbers shall increase substantially, opening up opportunities for designers, content creators, and marketing professionals.

As casinos continue to incorporate VR into gaming, virtual reality is likely going to play a major role in gambling and entertainment online.

Mobile Phones

Access Careers in the Casino Industry 3 - Access Careers in the Casino Industry

The future of gaming relies heavily on smartphones, which is driving on-the-go gambling. More than 95 percent of Americans own a cellular phone, and many Americans gamble.

For career-minded college students, developing mobile applications, creating new technology, and implementing processes to improve entertainment experiences are ways to ensure job security in the future.

In each of these fields, reading and designing are key skills that employers are looking for in the casino industry.