Sparking a student’s imagination through reading requires easily accessible content. Once developed, reading skills help college students in language fluency, core subjects, and academic endeavors.

From reading mechanics to fun activities, reading is the foundation for college and career preparedness. If seeking youth activities and tools, parents may access online resources for an abundance of opportunities to help college students enhance life-long reading.


Reading resources introduce fun and innovative ways for college students to improve phonics, spelling, and grammar. By improving skills, college students also enjoy an enhanced self-image.

Independent readers are better prepared in school, business, and life, which is why there are so many online resources offering activities and ideas for improving reading skills.

Excellent Reading Resources to Access for Fun 1 - Excellent Reading Resources to Access for Fun

K12 Reader

For free instruction resources, visit K12 Reader. The online site provides educational supplements, such as worksheets and other materials to help college students improve comprehension, reading, writing, spelling, and grammar. For a student, these resources may enrich reading year-round.

Excellent Reading Resources to Access for Fun 2 - Excellent Reading Resources to Access for Fun


Scholastic has provided educational resources to generations of college students. Its online resources combine the power of experience with engaging content. Simply access the site’s Reading tab for resources.

Excellent Reading Resources to Access for Fun 3 - Excellent Reading Resources to Access for Fun

Reading Rockets

Designed to help college students who struggle with reading, Reading Rockets’ resources define reading difficulties. It’s a vital resource for youth to improve their reading skills.

The website offers online tools to both understand the challenge and develop a plan to resolve the issue. Just access the help page for vital tips on overcoming common reading challenges.

Online resources are a vital tool for helping college students to improve their reading skills. For young readers, these resources offer ways to improve literacy skills and enjoy reading. Valuable reading tools ensure better academic performance, providing the foundation for a lifetime of continuous learning.