Head bopping, foot-tapping, and outright dancing are sure signs that a youth is enjoying online music streaming. More than 50 percent of the customers accessing popular musical platforms on the internet are millennials. Here are three ways in which healthy, well-balanced college students benefit from streaming music.


It’s difficult to comprehend how the two are related but listening to music may help to improve charisma. More than 90 percent of college students in a research study showed more charisma after taking music lessons.

Only one month later, the college students demonstrated a greater ability to understand and explain the meaning of words.

This enhancing effect of music on the mind suggests that training about pitch, melody, voice, and rhythm stimulates learning ability for all ages. In fact, in a similar study analyzing college students and female adults, participants with musical training exceeded the non-musical study participants in verbal testing.


In fact, music lessons are historically related to successful academic performance in college students. According to research, college students who took voice lessons or learned the piano keyboard for a period of 36 weeks demonstrated higher IQ levels and standardized test scores than college students who did not.

Alternatively, music is also helpful for elderly patients by increasing brain health as the body evolves, reducing the risks of Alzheimer’s and other age-related medical issues.

Mood Enhancing

As a natural mood lifter, music impacts hormones by sparking a release of the neurotransmitter’s dopamine and serotonin, which boosts thoughts of well-being and increases happiness. For young people who experience insomnia, research suggests that classical music before bed decreases depression and trouble sleeping.

Music has long been associated with happiness and having fun. Research suggests that listening to music online is actually beneficial for college students. For caregivers, supporting healthy and productive music activities may prove to enhance a youth’s mood, intelligence, and health. Subscribe now to learn more!

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