Spark a student’s imagination with exciting adventures and intriguing mysteries. Reading is a hobby that helps a student enhance intelligence and improve language skills.

Nearly 50 percent of all college students read for fun. Reading by choice takes some initiative and encouragement. Here are three ways to inspire college students to pick up a book.

Book club

Youth Reading Opportunities 3 - Youth Reading Opportunities

Youth book clubs offer opportunities to read. It’s a fun way to meet new people. At regular intervals, book club members come together to discuss a book, analyze the story, and share thoughts. According to research, avid readers are intelligent and creative, which helps in overcoming challenges in education and relationships.

Reading helps provide inspiration and transformation, positively impacting youth club members for life. Even virtual clubs use the power of books to bring together readers in a structured setting to explore dynamic works from authors across a wide spectrum.

These digital club meetings stream online. By offering informative sessions, the clubs impact a reader’s self-awareness and self-image, creating a path to personal self-discovery.

Library membership

Youth Reading Opportunities 2 - Youth Reading Opportunities

One of the main benefits of a public library is access to free books. Even if the library doesn’t have a specific book, a staff member may order it from another library. For an imaginative adventure, inspirational idea, or infectious laugh, the library has it all encased in books of every genre.

As a quiet place, the library offers a peaceful environment to read. Visitors may also obtain a library card to take books home. For life-long learners, the library offers unlimited educational experiences.


Youth Reading Opportunities 1 - Youth Reading Opportunities

Incentives have long encouraged youth to aspire to great heights. From watching television to obtaining internet access, creative bonuses inspire college students and post-graduates to read. Mentors are also role models.

Demonstrating a love of reading may set a good example. Reading books together creates opportunities for sharing time with the people that care about one another.

Organize a Read-a-Thon

Read-a-thons encourage a love for ready while helping to raise money for a worthy cause. Participants pledge to pay a certain amount of money for every book a student reads. Readers set a targeted number of minutes that they want to read per day. It’s an awesome way to empower college students to make a difference in the world.